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Corporate Logoland - Now Part of the Freeland Chamber of Commerce.

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NOFX - Bob.
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Brought to you by Freeland. Home of Pinky, the Giant Pink Bunny.


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This is me.

       Our history:
1976 was a good year. The 200th anneversiery of America, and many disco people. But it was also the year the new buisness Corporate Logoland opened. This buisness sold logos to businesses who needed them. We also provied an extra fee for lighting and free installation. After many risks, high points, and low points, Corporate Logoland is now one of the biggest retailers with 3,000 stores all over simnation, as of 2002 and more to come. The future is our new concept, a grocery store called "Peoples Choice Food Marts". If the other chain can we can too an we will. Thats why our motto is "We Will".

Corporate Logoland
758 Norman Road
Census Simbraska 44409




Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies on these logos. Copyright: 2001-2002 CLL Enterprises. Neither am I with Nickelodeon. I am not affiliated with Nicklodeon or Viacom in any way. Please do not post these logos elsewhere. Harley-Davidson or Disney  logos are not allowed to be posted in this site.