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Corporate Logoland - Now Part of the Freeland Chamber of Commerce.
CLL News

3/28/04: No new logos, but I put a new song up in the background.
3/20/04: BIG NEWS, We are now part of the Freeland Chamber of Commerece, and Freeland's Business and More Magazine rates us as one of the top 10 new companies in the city. Also, A couple of new logos, Dum Dum Pops and Oxi-Clean.
3/10/04: Yes, we're still here. I think we're gonna be on the Freeland CoC. cool. but yeah, 3 logos added.
9/27/03 Added link to a Sports logo site.
7/19/03: Several New Superlogos added as well as 2 more Moon Pie Logos, a PPG Glass logo, and another Downy logo.. another update next week.
7/15/03:Want another logo? Mayflower Transit Logo Added to website.
7/11/03: Back From The Ashes..... Since I have roadrunner now i could do more.... Exxon-Mobil logopack added, umm several logos added like Zellers, Provigo, and Fortinos (all canadian companies), umm Motel 6, Fatburger, The Good Guys (electronics store), Twinkies (my personal fave) and an Aamco Building for Simcity, Download it NOW...if you have SC3ku.....anyway... come here next week for another update
4/5/03:We have a new update, with a user submission from BuildingMaster01.. about Geocities... were in the process... just this 56k modem is really slow and dont expect more updates until I get broadband, whic would most likely be in June.
1/5/03 Happy New Year! We Are moving to Geocities! I have gotten impatient with Tripod's endless problems. We will still have our archives on this site, stay tuned and well be on Geocities!