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Welcome to Centerville Central, the best unoffical Centerville site!

Welcome to Centerville Central!!!! We have News, Sports, Dowloads-Everything but the Kitchen Sink! And, dont forget to send me your news! (No "hate news" about others) No porn pictures, either. Please send me uploads for sim games.

We have NASCAR News now so come on in!





The Sims

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Table of Contents

Article Page: Will Be Full of the news, sports, and a whole bunch of other things.
Downloads: downloads for Simcity and many other sim games.
Archives: Old news archives.
Reviews: Reviews of games and also Previews.
Mailbag: Mail that is sent to me about the site.
Contact Me: Send me news (nothing about other people), stuff to add, how you like my site, or sim stuff to upload.

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